“The noninvasive Thyroflex technology test represents the best that modern medicine has to offer while at the same time bringing back the original truths of clinical practice.”

Dr. Jeffery Dach M.D. Radiologist, Hollywood FL

Practitioner and Thyroflex™ Service Provider

“The Thyroflex represents a quantum leap in the care of thyroid disease. Many physicians know that thyroid blood tests and basal temperature levels are woefully inadequate in subtle thyroid disease. The Thyrodine measurement of body iodine synergizes with the Thyroflex to give us a dynamic solution in managing the widespread elusive iodine deficiency / thyroid dysfunction that harms so many of our patients.”

Dr. Murray “Buz” Susser, M.D. (H). Scottsdale, AZ

Practitioner and Thyroflex™ Service Provider

“My name is Claudia. I am 22 years old and had a thyroidectomy 3 years ago. At the age of 18, I noticed an increase of weight and one year later I had gained over 40 pounds of excess weight in addition to feeling depressed and tired. I have no family history of thyroid problems therefore they were no connections. One day after staying late at work, Dr. Liebowitz ( a physician at The Hall Center) noticed a “bump” on my neck. After thinking it was a goiter or a nodule, he suggested that I have it examined. Shortly thereafter, I scheduled an appointment with the physician. At first it was a normal check up with him. He said it was probably a nodule so he requested blood work. The results were within “the range” but I noticed that my TSH was extremely high (over 2000) and asked “why was it so high”? He responded that it can be various things, but there is nothing I can do to lower them. Confused by his carelessness, I decided to see another physician, re-test and see if I can “do” something about it. That test came out the same and my new physician asked “ what is it that you want to do?” I decided to have the nodules removed. At The Hall Center we had recently obtained a thyroflex machine [developed by TriFixx founder, Dr Daryl Turner] which checks the thyroid by reflex so I decided to test it. To my surprise, this was the only test that was able to give an accurate reading of my symptoms. I felt relieved that at least there was a test out there that can reinstate what I was feeling. This confirmation gave me courage to schedule a surgery and soon after I had the left lobe removed. Later on my surgeon discovered they were cancerous cells called Papillary Thyroid Cancer and decided to remove the remaining thyroid. I am thankful to say I am almost back to normal I am taking my thyroid medication on a daily basis. I no longer feel depressed, tired and I am controlling my weight with nutritional advice and exercise.”


Recipient of the Thyroflex™ test developed by TriFixx Founder Dr Daryl Turner

“Having Thyroid suffered symptoms for over 30 years, and finding there are 12 other members of my immediate family also suffering and having suffered serious thyroid issues, I went about researching Thyroid and related problems. I seemed to be able to keep it under control with less stress and a good diet until I suffered a serious Hay fever infection after travelling into NSW in the middle of harvesting late 2008. I couldn’t breath and continuously sneezed and carried on for weeks. I had not suffered sinus problems for over 20 years. Then a virus in 2009 bowled me over. I had been regularly detoxing and supporting my immune and digestive systems but when I suffered this virus I developed an excessive amount of mucous to the point of extreme. My sinuses were painful, my head so tight and sore I couldn’t think straight, this went on for months.

Dr. Turner took one look at me and said I was iodine deficient and I had developed Euthyroid sick. Never again do I want to suffer such a painful illness. I then developed an intolerance to gluten which I had never had before. I could not get on top of this problem and developed other food allergies as well. No matter what I tried, I could not get well and stay well, so I ended up putting myself on Tarithyroid but something was still missing. I was taking selenium and iodine separately but still couldn’t get well. Stress from the financial downturn wasn’t helping matters. Then I had a conversation with Jerry Loizou, at Biopharm [Nitek Medical] when I was ordering my Tarithyroid and he offered me a sample of Taridine. I tried it and really suffered to start with, I felt like I was spinning out all the time, but Jerry told me to stick with it and just space the dose out, so I did this every 3 days for the first week or two. Then I started to feel a bit better so I continued and every week felt even better. Jerry told me the dose was a lot stronger than what I had been taking individually with no result. I had also taken Lugol’s iodine in the past with no noticeable results. I can finally say I am well and have not felt this feeling of health for over 35 years. I feel invincible and I owe that feeling to Taridine, along with my dose of Tarithyroid. I also take DHEA which is also produced by Biopharm [Nitek Medical] as I cannot seem to hold my levels in my system. These three items are holding my health together currently. Now I have removed the stress from business and have a more positive attitude hopefully this recovery can be permanent finally. I take my hat off to you Jerry you produce some great medicine and as a Naturopath I have access to many different products but none produced the results your products have. Thanks”

Jan Saxon BNSc, Australia

Patient of Nitek Medical

My name is Aruna from Nashik. There comes a time in your life, that ‘ahh’ moment, when everything suddenly clicks into place and everything just seems to work and you can suddenly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Suddenly, you are once again showered by sunshine and the flowers are out, you can smell the scent, you are aware of your own senses, alive, excited, and no longer struggling through life. This moment happened a week after I started treatment with my Doctor, Dr Turner, after years and years of trying to find the answers as to why I was struggling to get through the day – let alone the exhaustion, foggy mind, being cold all the time, constipated, and anxious. I had been to doctors in India, all over Europe and the USA, trying to find a doctor for a solution, to my exhausting thyroid symptoms. The clinics I visited and paid good money for tried everything, but nothing worked.

Dr. Turner actually sat down and listened to me, and discussed my symptoms from the core hormone symptoms sheet I had filled out, and used a new form of reflex testing called the Thyroflex, instead of using blood tests. He said to me “Aruna, it is not all in your head, I want you off the sedatives, and other mind altering drugs, it is simply your thyroid, your reflexes are slow, your neurotransmitters are slow, your resting metabolic rate (amount of calories you burn per day) is very low, and you have so many symptoms that you have had to struggle with, your entire life, we can help you!”

I looked at Dr Turner, as I had heard it all before, I was sceptical, but it was the first time that I felt hope was being offered to me. I was not going nuts, it was not all in my mind, my symptoms had a definitive name ‘Hypothyroidism’ with the autoimmune disorder ‘Hashitoxicosis’. The simple Thyroflex test had not only identified the problem, but Dr Turner was able to get me onto the correct dose of natural Bioidentical hormones, that totally changed my life. So much so, that I wanted to shout to the rest of the world that there is an answer out there, you do not have to suffer, be ignored, be given sedatives, repeatedly told it is all in your mind. And so, the new Aruna was born. My symptoms are gone, I have lost a lot of weight, the shape of my face and body have changed, I’m the person I thought I was when I was 20, the person that was stolen from me by my hormones, the mistreatment, undertreatment and misdiagnosis that I had to suffer from for many, many years.”


Patient of Nitek Medical
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